Upcoming Virtual Event - Save Time & Money with Discovery Sprints

Emily Bahna

As thoughtbot turns 19, it’s fun to reflect on the past clients and successful products we’ve helped create. Brand new product ideas are a common opportunity we explore, with both startup teams and also enterprise clients looking to explore a new technology venture. If there is anything we’ve learned in all our years of building custom software, it is how immensely upfront planning ensures overall success but also saves our clients valuable time and money in the long run.

In the last 2 years, we’ve refined our approach to upfront Discovery and are having a great deal of success facilitating these efforts remotely. Our processes have been adapted to a remote world and make sure we keep in close collaboration with our clients, but also across disciplines. Discovery sprints bring together expertise from product management, design and development to plan the best path forward.

With Discovery work, in as little as 2 weeks, our Product Manager has a clear sense of the most important business priorities and unique value proposition of the product, our Designer has insight into the users motivations and accessibility constraints, and our Developer has had time to determine how to de-risk the infrastructure setup and determine what is feasible to build for first version and beyond.

If building an in house product team is one of your future goals, going through discovery exercises serves as a great example for bringing an innovative mindset to an opportunity or challenge, and demonstrates how agile principles come together so we can work most efficiently towards launch.

Our next virtual event lets you hear from our team members who are leading these Discovery efforts, and brings together perspectives from product management, design and development. The panel will be sharing best practices, learnings, and mistakes to avoid in completing Discovery work and dig into real world examples where our clients saved substantial time and money. We hope you can join us and that these insights help you in your next project. If you can’t join us live, registering will still guarantee a recording is passed along.

If you have a need for Discovery Work, please reach out here.