Save Time & Money with Discovery Sprints

Save Time & Money with Discovery Sprints

Hear from our Product Managers, Designers & Developers

thoughtbot has supported over 1,000 clients build great software, and a large subset of those include planning an MVP app. When folks reach out to us and are looking to build a new product, they want to make sure they are making the strongest foundational choices, in technology, design and features. This is usually a large initiative requiring substantial time and investment so return on investment is critical.

thoughtbot has a sound process for upfront validation and research called Discovery Sprints. Our Discovery Sprints efficiently use collaborative exercises to brainstorm and drive alignment across a cross-functional team. In the later half, the sprint focuses on planning and testing the strongest product roadmap including a clear priority and decisions around design, development, and product strategy. In this event, you will hear from the team who leads Discovery Sprint efforts: what they do, why they do it and how it allows you to maximize your budget and minimize time wasted on building your MVP.

In this live online event we’ll be discussing:

  • Overview of what Discovery Sprints entail including the outcomes to be expected
  • A perspective from Product Managers, Designers and Developers
  • Concrete examples of how time and money can be maximized
  • Clarity on how Discovery work translates to priorities and MVP Roadmaps
  • How to make a case to your stakeholders for exploring Discovery work

This event is ideal for

  • Start-up Teams, Founders & Entrepreneurs thinking about their MVP
  • Product Leaders looking to drive innovation and/or use new technologies in their organization


  • Kelly Gebo, Associate Director (Facilitator)

    Kelly leads Business Development efforts and Corporate Sales. She loves building relationships and learning about a client's goals and challenges to best support their project.

  • Bryce Morisako, Director of Product Management

    Bryce started out his career in Marketing and has since gone on to hold positions in Product Marketing, Business Development (US & International), Strategy, and Product Management. Bryce considers himself a bit of a generalist and is able to pull from his diverse range of experiences to work throughout the product life cycle, adjust his work processes & style to accommodate others, lead go-to-market efforts, and build high-performing teams.

  • Jason Bailey, Product Manager

    Jason has been writing code in one form or another since the days of floppy discs and dial-up connections. His formal education in it is from Duke University. Jason loves sharing his experience in development, and bringing any insights and tools he’s collected to new teams and projects. He now oversees MVP efforts including Discovery Sprints.

  • Johny Ho, Development Team Lead

    Johny joined thoughtbot NYC in December of 2019 and he hit the ground running. Johny is driven by his passion of finding simpler solutions to complex things. Johny is also the author of Breezy, an open-source “Deliver first, update later” framework for React, Redux, and Classic Rails.

  • Vendela Larsson, Design Team Lead

    Vendela grew up around designers and artists and found a love of coding during her time at Northeastern University. She’s a big believer that we can always be better listeners, and that most magic happens when there's good communication. Vendela's excited about accessibility, tooling for the front-end, and perpetually in love with beautiful UI .