Upcoming event—The Cost of Living Crisis and what it means for technology

I sat down with Kirsten Hurley, Managing Director, who has the pleasure of overseeing our clients and projects outside the US. She shared that in recent months, she has seen the impacts the cost of living crisis has had on our clients’ business, products, and customers. “With large economic changes, a direct result is adjustment in user needs, behaviors, and motivations and the challenge teams face right now is keeping a pulse on their audience and product market fit,” Kirsten observed.

In an effort to share quality tips, insights, and learnings with our clients and a wider audience, thoughtbot has organized a panel of experts sharing their thoughts on the current economic environment and changes they are seeing, and the outcomes we expect for technology companies.

This session will be great for:

  • Design, Development or PM Leaders navigating changes in the market and best optimize their products / user touchpoints
  • A startup founder looking to understand the state of the market and uncover where they can make the most impact

Details & Event Registration

  • Free Virtual Event with Panel Discussion & Q&A
  • September 8th, 2022
  • 3:30 - 4:30 PM BST
  • Register here

We hope you can join us live, but if you are not able, registering gets you a recording after our session. If you have a product need or wish to discuss a pivot you are considering as a result of the crisis, please send us a note here.