Upcoming Events for November 2014

Each month we organize and attend events at our offices, and around the world. Here is a summary of what’s happening this month. We often have thoughtbot stickers, and sometimes shirts. We’d love to see you at some of the events, don’t be shy.


We’re at Cafe Bedouins most Tuesdays.


Boston Ruby Group Project Night. Tuesday, November 4th. Hosted at our office.

Boston CTO Summit. Monday, November 10th. Chad Pytel is presenting “The Discipline of Quality”. Use code “speaker_tweet” for $200 off 

Boston Ruby Group Presentation Night. Tuesday, November 11th. Folks from thoughtbot will be attending.

1-Year Celebration of Boston Ruby Women. Thursday, November 13th. Hosted at our office.

NSCoder Night. Thursday, November 20th. Hosted at our office.


Creative Mornings. Friday, November 7th. Several of us will be attending.

Denver.rb. Tuesday, November 11th. We help organize and sponsor this event. We’ll see you there!

New York City

EmacsNYC. Monday, November 3rd.

NYC Vim Meetup. Tuesday, November 4th.

NYC.rb. Tuesday, November 11th.

LispNYC. Tuesday, November, 11th.

Ruby Project Night. Monday, November 17th.


Refresh Philly. Thursday, November 13th. We organize and sponsor this event, so we’ll see you there!

Philly.rb. Tuesday, November 11th.

Build Guild Philly. Wednesday, November 19th. We host and organize this monthly event at a local watering hole.


Triangle Ruby Brigade. Tuesday, November 11th. We’ll be attending this event!

Triangle Ember. Tuesday, November 18th. This is the second meetup of the Triangle Ember group, which we organize and host.

Triangle Tech Breakfast Friday, November 21st. We’ll be attending this event!

San Francisco

Taco Tuesdays. Tuesday, November 18th. A product design talk series, hosted at our office.

VimSF. Thursday, November 20th. A Vim user meetup, hosted at our office.


Ruby Presentation Night Monday, November 10th. We co-organize and sponsor this monthly event. We hope to see you there.

CocoaHeads Stockholm. Monday, November 3rd. See you there!

Stockholm Vim: sed(1) and Code linters. Wednesday, November 12th. We co-organize and host the exciting event. We hope to see you there.

NSCoder Night. Tuesday, November 11th. We organize and host this event.

Front End Hack Night. Monday, November 17th. We organize and host this event in our office.

Ruby Project Night Monday, November 24th. We co-organize and sponsor this monthly event. We hope to see you there.


We’ll also be attending

Did we miss something? Is there something great we should attend? Let us know.