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A product design talk series
hosted by thoughtbot in San Francisco.


July 15th, 2014 — Tuesday
Doors open at 6:15pm


thoughtbot, inc.
85 2nd Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 91405


  • Kyle DeHovitz is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a Product Designer at IFTTT (If This Then That). His studies in Industrial Design emphasized the importance of the process to the product and has been seeking to improve his own ever since.

    Talk Description

    A designer can influence a company's creativity beyond the confines of their computer screen. We make efforts to improve our process every day, yet don’t always realize that our workplace is this massive canvas with which we can design in. All it takes is applying the fundamental skills of problem solving on a slightly larger scale. This talk will focus on the lessons learned while trying to improve the IFTTT office space without driving your coworkers mad.

  • Francine does UX Research at Dropbox, where she identifies user needs and translates them into design solutions. She studied UX to add a data-driven precursor to her (previously ambiguous) design process. Since then, she’s designed short projects with WI Harper, Uber, and Twitch.TV.

    Talk Description

    There's a ton of tools in a UX toolkit, but how do we know which tool to use for which design problem? Flows and user studies are 2 that I use most often to keep my product design process in check. We'll talk about how they've helped me identify user pain points (and delight points!) and scope design challenges at Dropbox and Uber.

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