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A product design talk series

Taco Tuesdays is a product design talk series created and hosted by thoughtbot, a web and mobile application consultancy. Taco Tuesdays is an intimate and low-key space where designers can learn about each others' processes and techniques.

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October 21st, 2014

Doors open at 6:30pm

thoughtbot, inc.
85 2nd Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 91405
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  • Izac ross

    Izac Ross

    Izac is an Interaction Designer at Cooper. He blends methods from interaction design, industrial design, service management, business strategy, and design research to create new approaches and frameworks to solve problems that go beyond a single device, channel, or medium. Prior to joining Cooper, he held positions at Moment, Philips Design, & EightShapes, where he worked for a range of clients in healthcare, financial, and technology verticals. When not at work you will find Izac improvising in the kitchen, hunting for new music, and biking around the city.

    Narrative as Prototype

    As more and more of the experiences we craft are services that unfold over time — written, dramatic, and visual storytelling become the perfect early prototype. Designers can take advantage of the Narrative Paradigm, which states that all humans are natural storytellers and evaluators. Narratives are cheap and quick to make and evaluate. In this talk we will explore several narrative tools and when and how to use them in the design process.

  • Devon stclair

    Devon St.Clair

    Devon St.Clair is a product designer at thoughtbot. She has previously designed for a range of clients, from Intel and Disney to small single-founder startups. Regardless of the company or product size, she enjoys exploring the 'why' behind design and bridging the gap between business, people, and technology.

    Effectively Invisible: Natural User Interfaces

    We'll be covering the principles behind NUI design, reviewing current examples 'out in the wild', and discussing how we can use design to support and amplify natural human behaviors.

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