Upcoming Events for October, 2014

Chad Pytel

Each month we organize and attend events at our offices, and around the world. Here is a summary of what’s happening this month. We often have thoughtbot stickers, and sometimes shirts. We’d love to see you at some of the events, don’t be shy.


Austin Startup Week. October 6th - 10th. We’ll be participating in events throughout the week.

Keep Ruby Weird. Friday, October 24th. We’re co-organizing this new Austin Ruby conference. We’d love to see you there.

Railsbridge: Women’s Ruby and Ruby On Rails Workshop. October 25th & 26th. Desi McAdam will be leading this.

Austin on Rails. Tuesday, October 28th. We’ll see you there!

We’re also at Cafe Bedouins most Tuesdays.


Boston Ruby Group Project Night. Tuesday, October 7th. Hosted at our office.

Boston Ruby Group Presentation Night. Tuesday, October 14th. Folks from thoughtbot will be attending.

NSCoder Night. Thursday, October 16th. Hosted at our office.

Boston Ruby Women Monthly Meetup. Thursday, October 23rd. Folks from thoughtbot will be there, and we also organize and sponsor this event.


Creative Mornings. Friday, October 3rd. Several of us will be attending.

Denver.rb. Tuesday, October 14th. Our own Anthony Navarre will be speaking about HATEOAS - a technique of REST that helps push logic away from your clients.

New York City

SassConf. October 2nd & 3rd. Designers from thoughtbot NYC and Philly will be there with brand-new Bourbon shirts and stickers. Say “hello” and grab one.

Brooklyn Beta. October 8th & 9th. Designers from thoughtbot in NYC, Boston, and Denver will be attending.


Refresh Philly. Thursday, October 9th. We organize and sponsor this event, so we’ll see you there!

Philly.rb. Tuesday, October 14th. Our own Sean Doyle will be presenting.

CocoaLove. October 24th - 26th. Gordon will be attending this new iOS/Mac conference.

Build Guild Philly. Wednesday, October 29th. We host and organize this monthly event at a local watering hole.


Triangle Ruby Brigade. Tuesday, October 14th. We’ll be attending this event. We also recently launched a redesign of the Triangle.rb website.

Stacked. Tuesday, October 21st. Our own Christian Reuter will be speaking about Bourbon.

Triangle Ember. Tuesday, October 21st. This is the first meetup of the Triangle Ember group, which we organize and host.

We’re running a free UI/UX course, with American Underground. Tuesday, October 28th.

San Francisco

TradeCraft. Friday, October 3rd. Carolann Bonner will be giving a talk to UX students on how to enhance a user experience through incorporating Gestalt principles.

Taco Tuesdays. Tuesday, October 21st. A product design talk series, hosted at our office.

VimSF. Thursday, October 23rd. A Vim user meetup, hosted at our office.


Stockholm Ruby: Build a Web app in 2 hours: free Rails intro course. Wednesday, October 1st. We help organize and run these quarterly installfests and intro workshops.

Ruby Project Night Monday, October 6th. We co-organize and sponsor this monthly event. We hope to see you there.

CocoaHeads Stockholm. Monday, October 6th. See you there!

Stockholm Vim: Scientific Python in Vim and A Comparison of Contemporary Editors.. Monday, October 13th. We co-organize and host the exciting event. We hope to see you there.

NSCoder Night. Tuesday, October 14th. We organize and host this event.

Front End Hack Night. Monday, October 20th. We organize and host this event in our office.

Mob programming Monday, October 27th. We help organize this, and at least one of us will be here.


We’ll also be attending

Did we miss something? Is there something great we should attend? Let us know.