Thanksgiving already?

Hard to imagine that 2008 is already wrapping up, but look at all the places thoughtbot will be for the rest of it…


  • On September 19 and 20 (this weekend) - Matt Jankowski will run the 3rd edition of LittleItalyNYCRubyConf. Coinciding with New York’s crowded but crazy Feast of San Gennaro, Matt will lead a walking tour up and down Mulberry St, discussing Ruby (and sausage and peppers) with tourists all along the way.
  • ACT NOW because tickets are going fast.
  • On October 14th, we’re holding an all day Advanced Ruby on Rails training in our Boston office.
  • From November 6th through 8th a bunch of us will be down in beautiful Orlando Florida for this year’s RubyConf. Our very own Tammer Saleh, author of the Shoulda testing whathaveyou and basically an all around great guy, will be presenting his Coding for Failure: All you need to know for building rock solid applications in 60 minutes. Perhaps most interestingly, he will present this entire talk within the 45 minute window which is allotted to RubyConf speakers.
  • Later in November, right around the time when you’re seriously considering getting a TurDuckEn but aren’t quite sure whether you want to use a fry-a-lator or an oven, we’ll be speaking at the Voices that matter conference in Boston. Matt and Jared will present an Agile in the Enterprise case study on Tuesday, while Tammer and Chad will present some topics from their upcoming Rails Anti-Patterns book during a talk of the same name on Wednesday. Instead of slipping the guy at the door a $20 to let you in, or trying to name drop Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots to someone, why don’t you go ahead and use this discount code: PRDPKRL (case sensitive) when you register for the conference. Anyone who uses this code when registering will receive a $200 discount. The URL to the conference web site is
  • If you’re in Boston and haven’t been coming to the Boston.rb hackfests (food + drinks involved), they occur on the first and third tuesdays of the month. Learn more on the Boston.rb site.

That just about does it, hibbity bibbity.