The Investment Pitch Package sets up your product and your business

Kelly Gebo

One really fun part of my job is talking to entrepreneurs who have a product idea. Their passion and excitement are contagious. They reach out to thoughtbot seeking help in making their idea a reality and of course have a desire to move fast. After supporting clients in this stage, like SplitFit and Joydrive, we reflected on how we can expand our services to support not only an early stage product but also an early stage business. We are excited to share our Investment Pitch Package which will not only quickly confirm if an idea is worth pursuing but also equip entrepreneurs with a validated product vision and the resources to wow investors.

This package differs from a standard product design sprint, in that our team widens our research to better understand the competitive landscape so our strategy speaks to the industry as a whole. We still use Product Design Sprint exercises to determine our target users, their critical path and validate the experience through user testing, but we go one step further in our technology recommendation by exploring all possible solutions - proof of concept, clickable prototypes, low-code offerings and custom software. We cater our deliverables to match the needs of our client - whatever best equips them to get to the next stage. All of our findings are packaged into a pitch deck that can help the entrepreneur immediately feel confident in future conversations.

As product strategists, we have a repeatable set of design exercises to help us square away a product strategy. With this package, we take our foundational strategy work one step further, equipping an entrepreneur with a validated plan to bring their product to life, but also a true differentiator and story to pitch their business.

Do you have an idea you want to explore quickly?