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Go from idea to memorable pitch in 3 weeks

Frame your business idea in a way that compels investors to write a check. thoughtbot helps founders like you take your idea into a validated thought-out product vision and equips you with the resources you need to demonstrate viability.

What idea do you want to pitch?

Collage of three photos: the first is of three thoughtbot team members in front of sketches pinned up on a whiteboard; the second shows two laptops with post-it notes spread around the table; the third is of a designer focused on sketching on a piece of paper

Case Study

Building a roadmap & growing an audience

We partnered with a founder to plan and validate her roadmap as well as create resources to help her tell her story to investors and begin to build a user base.


Investment Pitch Package

Validate your strategy with research, design thinking, and technology expertise

With so many startups vying for investment, it’s critical to hone in on your market opportunity. That includes a product vision that minimizes risk and maximizes impact. The Investment Pitch Package consists of three tracks - opportunity validation, product strategy, and customer adoption.

For entrepreneurs working alone or with a small team, bringing on thoughtbot equips you to reach your goals sooner. We'll quickly help you identify the most impactful first version and overall product direction as well as the resources to tell your story and start growing your user base.

At the end of the project you will:

  • Understand your clear differentiator
  • Have a vision for a v1 product 
  • Solidify your strategy for investors, backed by research
  • Prototype, Proof of Concept and/or Marketing Lander


“Adding thoughtbot's strategic horsepower to your company's engine can help bring your product to life.”

Hunter Gorham
CEO and founder, JoyDrive

Check out the case study

Case Study

Getting an idea ready for fundraising

We worked with the OneYum team to create a prototype and corresponding product strategy that was crucial in equipping them to secure a round of funding.


Let's get you ready

We look forward to discussing more.