Say ‘Yes’ to More Ideas With The Innovation Challenge

Kelly Gebo

There are certain words you see thrown around a lot in Product - Innovation is one of them. We can all agree, we want to be innovative - push the envelope, try something new, challenge our competitors, but it’s not quite as easy to figure out how to actually bring this type of thinking into your organization. The good news is; we have a way to help.

A great thing about thoughtbot is we have the flexibility and skill sets to work with clients, products and business at all stages. I like to explain that our projects range from post-it ideas to complex, multi-faceted platforms. To be able to serve all of our clients, we have a repeatable process for supporting the most impactful product creation or iteration and we find it through design exercises.

The Innovation Challenge is a new service where we can facilitate a number of design exercises with your team to start to think outside the box. It allows all voices in your team to be heard, aligns a group on a prioritized actionable plan, and then a path to quickly validate with real customers. This works for brand new opportunities or when trying to identify how to evolve to the next stage. Having a neutral third party facilitate these exercises allows the entire group to remain focused on participation. Another benefit is it helps coach your team how to use similar exercises as a part of their regular workflow. Plus your boss, or your investor, will love that you got to an answer quickly and used real findings to confirm what path forward is worth investing in.

Check out our newest offering and let us know how we can help!