Nail your product roadmap with a Discovery Sprint

Kelly Gebo

Starting a company or exploring a new product is exciting. You’ve likely got a lot of ideas for features to stand out among the competition, visuals to delight your users, and even third parties that can get your product live sooner. That being said, there’s also a lot of strategic decisions to make and important details to iron out. We’ve found time and time again that when our clients dedicate time to solidify their strategy early, they are much more likely to be successful. Instead of moving full steam ahead with their rough ideas, validating the opportunity at hand helps them minimize risk and eliminate rebuilds down the line.

After supporting founders, entrepreneurs, first product hires and researchers who are looking for additional support to validate their roadmap, we are thrilled to share a new service we are rolling out ~ The Discovery Sprint. In a few weeks, our team of product strategists will help you finalize your action plan for a first version that is prioritized to deliver the most impact with target users. The Discovery Sprint will give you and your stakeholders total confidence in your approach by clarifying design direction, solidifying technology choices and confirming overall investment of the next stage of product evolution.

To further support your future growth, we synthesize all of our findings and prepare a final deliverable of a clickable prototype or a proof of concept which together do wonders in communicating your vision to stakeholders. Coming out of the Discovery Sprint, you can walk though your product, sharing real customer insights and technology decisions along the way.

Learn more about the Discovery Sprint and reach out to us if we can help.