One-on-one Mentors now included in thoughtbot’s Upcase

Chad Pytel

Today, we’re excited to announce a new addition to Prime: One-on-one mentoring.

Since launching, Upcase has evolved from a simple subscription service of everything we teach into a diverse community of developers who want to improve. We think mentoring is a great addition to the service.

When you sign up for a Upcase subscription, you’ll be assigned a thoughtbot developer as your mentor. Your mentor will have a regularly scheduled video call with you where they’ll help you set goals, review your progress, and discuss whatever else you like: code review, landing your first Rails job, salary negotiation, etc.

With the new completable Trails, you can track your progress to make sure you’re on the right path; your mentor will serve as your guide.

With Upcase, we’re trying to create a learning environment that’s nearly as good as joining thoughtbot full time. All of our workshops, books, and screencasts, a chat room, and an online forum with thoughtbot and other subscribers comes close. Adding one-on-one mentorship brings us even closer. We hope you’ll join us today.