Introducing Learn Prime: Subscription Access to Everything We Teach.

Chad Pytel

Today we’re happy to announce Learn Prime, a subscription service which gives you access to everything we teach. Your monthly $99 subscription gets you ongoing access to all of our books, screencasts, and even all our in-person and online workshops. Our workshops alone are normally over $1,000 when purchased individually!

In addition to our existing materials, we’ve created a new stream of articles only available to subscribers called Learn Bytes. We’ve already published Bytes on using subdomains in Rails, tricks for finding where a method is defined, and faking out a remote service using rack-test, with much more to come.

Subscribers also receive access to something we (humbly) consider the best resource of all: our team. Got a burning Ruby question? Need help testing something tricky? How about another set of eyes on a pull request? Head to our private Campfire room or send an email, and a thoughtbot developer will help you out.

Our goal is to create more great designers and developers. We hope this new subscription service makes our workshops and other learning materials available to even more people.

We’re are also introducing Prime for Teams. For $1999/month your entire team of up to 25 people can get access to everything provided by Prime. That’s less than the cost of your team’s daily pourovers! And for a limited time, as a special launch discount, the price for Prime for Teams is only $1299 per month!

We hope you’ll join the community of people who have already subscribed to Learn Prime. Find out more at Learn.