Chad Pytel

Back in May we released the Trail Map a collection of straightforward, structured answers to questions like: “How do I learn Ruby on Rails? Vim? Test-Driven Development?”

The Trail Map came out on top of all of the great learning material you could already get from us: this blog, the new podcast, the playbook, the Backbone.js book, several screencasts and videos, and in-person workshops in Boston and San Francisco. Some of this content is paid, and some of it is free.

We started to think about a grand unified theory of learning from thoughtbot, and today I’m happy to announce the release of just that:

On this one website you can now find a directory of all of our educational references, purchase all of our paid products and register for our in-person workshops. contains content we’ve created but also lots of content created by others that we’ve curated. Many of our resources link to third-parties that you may already rely on: PeepCode, Pragmatic Programmers, O'Reilly, and others.

We plan on continuing to actively create and curate content. If you have something you think should be added, please email us at