Upcase Is Now More Affordable

Over the last several months, we’ve been working to make Upcase even better and more affordable. Today, we are simplifying our pricing plans, and reducing the cost of our most popular plan from $99 per month to just $29 per month.

We are committed to this new pricing strategy, and therefore we’re moving all existing customers at the $99 or $49/month levels to the $29/month plan. If you are a current Upcase member, you will receive all the features today, and your next regularly scheduled bill will be for $29.

This $29/month plan includes all of these great Upcase features:

Exercises and peer review to practice your craft

Our git-based exercises are a great way to learn by doing.

An exercise

Clone the exercise’s Git repo. Write code to solve the problem, then submit your solution. You’ll then see other Upcase members’ solutions.

Review someone

Review someone else’s solution to discover other ways to solve the problem, to cement your new knowledge. In return, other Upcase members will review your solution.

Trails to guide you through topics

A few months ago we rolled out an entirely new structure to Trails. The exercises on Upcase are now organized into structured Trails, which guide you through a topic.

Regular Expression Trail

We currently have new exercise-based trails Trails on Testing, Refactoring, and Regular Expressions, with many more on the way.

Videos to learn something new


The Weekly Iteration is a weekly video show. Episodes are 15-30 minutes and feature Ben Orenstein, Joe Ferris, and other thoughtbot developers. Some examples are Ping-Pong Pair Programming and RSpec Best Practices.

Video Tutorials are series of videos. They contain about 10 videos, 5-45 minutes each. Some examples are Test-Driven Rails Analytics for Developers, and Onramp to Vim.

A community of developers who love to learn

In addition to working with thoughtbot and other members on exercises, we have a lively forum where you can work with and get help from thoughtbot and members of our community.

Upcase Forum

If you’ve tried Upcase before, now is an excellent time to return. If you haven’t tried it yet, we hope you’ll join our community.