How the Beatles Helps Us Reduce Risk

Emily Bahna

How the Beatles Helps Us Reduce Risk

Launching innovative products is inherently risky. We’ve all seen sleek new solutions fail on the open market.

The only way to reduce the likelihood of costly failures is to correctly anticipate consumer needs and technical problems. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

In order to plan, design, and build well thought-through solutions, thoughtbot takes a cue from The Beatles.

A Three-Angled Approach

We see every side of the problem by relying on the expertise of a cross-functional team.

Our product strategist examines the business objectives. They seek to understand the problem, the end users, and the pain points.

A design lead considers the product from a usability perspective. They think through accessibility rules and train their focus on the customer experience from a UI and UX perspective.

At the same time, our backend full-stack engineer maps out the product architecture, mulls over needed integrations, and considers what security measures should be in place.

By relying on varied expertise, we break down a complex problem into its component parts and examine each aspect in full detail.

In the same way that the Beatles relied on multiple Award-winning songwriters, seeing a solution from multiple angles can change how you think about your product. Suddenly, alternative development paths, solutions, and ideas come into focus.

Relying on a range of opinions and expertise can help you know what you don’t know.

Why a Cross-Functional Team is Essential

Many other artists tried to use the Beatles’ multi-talented approach to songwriting, but none were as successful.

Why? Because the Beatles didn’t simply let multiple songwriters pen their own material. They collaborated, worked together, and made use of each other’s viewpoints.

Similarly, the right product development team is more than the sum of its parts. With the combined expertise of the team, we can define a north star, create a viable roadmap, and bring to life the right solution. We take you from idea to first version GTM quickly and effectively.

The thoughtbot advantage

Hiring the right team not only benefits your future products, it also reduces the risk to your current business.

Hiring from outside doesn’t interfere with your core operations. thoughtbot has a team that specializes in helping businesses move outside their comfort zones. We can help you see past the skill sets and mindsets that dominate your office.

Bringing in experience outside perspectives can help you future-proof your business, expand into unfamiliar territory, and enhance the customer experience.

No matter if you’re an established venture seeking to future-proof your business, we can help you take your next idea to new heights.

If you’re interested in learning more, drop us a line. We’d love to chat about your new idea and how we can bring it to fruition.