Plan, launch & iterate your product successfully

Your company’s growth depends on innovation that forges new and exciting business opportunities. thoughtbot has the most reliable cross-functional team of product experts. We help you take advantage of today’s new technologies, agile best practices, and deliver enhanced user experiences.

Our goal? To successfully launch your new offering, while guiding you into a future-forward business.

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Make the right go-to-market decisions for your business

Building a new product requires deep expertise in new product development which may include navigating new challenges like API integrations, mobile technologies, and accessibility design standards. New product development also requires upskilling your current team which is hard to do without disrupting their essential work for your business.

thoughtbot can help you achieve all of this. We provide the expertise necessary to launch the product that you need, and collaborate with your team to help them master it.

Expert help with

  • Product strategy
  • Cross-functional leadership
  • Roadmap prioritization
  • Team management
  • Risk management
  • Tech assessment

Quote about MVPs

From the very first meeting that was established, it was extremely helpful - thoughbotters were great at distilling down everything. Within an hour, we were like 'yes that’s exactly what we want to do.'

A headshot of Tiffany Schubert

Tiffany Schubert
Ph.D. Senior Product Manager, Relias


Exceeding the standards for new products

Quality, reliability, security, stability, compliance, and accessibility are no longer options but requirements for today’s new products. When you’re getting ready to build a complex new product, you have many difficult decisions to make. Those decisions will impact your product and business far into the future.

Working with an experienced technical partner you can trust is critical to mitigating risk, building a solid foundation, and setting you up for long-term success. thoughtbot will help you navigate and execute on foundational strategic decisions.

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Quote from InHerSight about thoughtbot

The best part of working with thoughtbot was how they seamlessly integrated with our team, cared what we were doing, and their commitment to making our product great.

A headshot of Daniel Stapelton

Daniel Stapelton
CCO and cofounder, InHerSight

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We integrate seamlessly into your core business

Great products need a stellar team

Team Integration involves much more than technology upgrades and API integrations. It requires human connection, collaboration, up-skilling, and establishing a trusted partnership from the beginning.

Our team thinks about this from day one and can meet your team where they are in the process, up-skill them in a new technology, and work collaboratively with them to bring a new product to market and beyond. Committing to a strong partnership is the best way to ensure the success of your team and product.

Expert Help With

  • Team upskilling
  • Recruitment 
  • Remote collaboration
  • Product iteration best practices
  • Team mentorship

Quote from Teikametrics

If you’re a starting CTO with a very large mandate and you are in this market where hiring is difficult and slow, it’s easy to end up compromising on hiring because you’re under so much pressure. Your better option is to go to thoughtbot and get those highly seasoned engineers in the building early. Get them to ramp up your existing team while you find the exact matches for who you want your principal engineering team to be.

A headshot of Aatish Salvi

Aatish Salvi
CTO, Teikametrics

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thoughtbot Services for new products

Learn more about a few of our specialty areas

Product Design

We deliver a highly usable experience and establish a product’s foundation by putting Design Systems and Accessibility Standards in place.

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Mobile Development

We design and build iOS, Android, and cross-platform React Native apps for startups and established businesses.

Learn more

Product Management

Our product strategists are there from day one, helping to define a product vision, lead the agile implementation and support the GTM strategy.

Learn More

Web Development

We are experts in using React, Ruby on Rails, and Python to craft stellar web applications.

Learn More

Health Tech Products

Work with us to build HIPAA compliant products that improve outcomes for patients, providers, and payers.

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Case Studies

Check out some of our clients

Three screenshots of the InHerSight web product on a yellow background.

InHerSight — Partnering with thoughtbot, InHerSight was able to reduce time to market by 50% and launch a high-quality mobile application that was well received by their users.

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Three screenshots of the Beyond Finance application showing a variety of charts.

Beyond Finance — Creating an impactful fintech app and a robust in-house product team.

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Screenshots of the Groups Recover Together application arranged in a grid of mobile and desktop size screens.

Groups Recover Together — Centralizing opioid-addiction care into a single easy-to-use platform while increasing access to support.

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The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) logo above three screenshots of the MBTA Glides app that shows the movement of subway trains.

MBTA — Improving Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority internal communication to ensure trains run regularly.

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Resources for you

Check out the best practices our team is writing and talking about:

Have a Growth Mindset

Doing the upfront work of building a strategic plan, business model, and understanding product market fit will set up a product for long-term growth.

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Priority Determines Product

When we get overly attached to our initial vision, or race to launch, or try to satisfy every customer request, we often jeopardize our own success.

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New Product Considerations

Here are some of our thoughts around weighing your options for buying or building a product’s features.

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What To Look For in a Startup CTO

As your product evolves, so should your team.

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What does success look like for your product?

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