Announcing the tmux Course on Upcase

Chris Toomey

We’re big fans of Unix, plain text, and terminal-based workflows. As part of our plain text toolset, many of us make heavy use of tmux, the terminal multiplexer. tmux lets you split your window, arrange and communicate between process like Vim and the Rails console, and upgrade your terminal into an ideal plain text development environment.

tmux title card

Today we’re happy to announce the release of our new tmux Course on Upcase based on years of using tmux individually and via pair programming here at thoughtbot. The course is presented as a series of screencasts, each with detailed notes and sample configuration code to get you up and running quickly.

The videos cover a range of topics from introductory to advanced. They provide an overview of tmux objects and navigation, Vim integration, custom workflows, and more. After completing the course you’ll be able to take advantage of all tmux has to offer and use it to design the ideal workflow to suit your preferences while still making use of the many great text based utilities you already know and love.

Along with the release of the course we’ve also added a tmux category to the Upcase forum to keep the conversation going.

tmux transforms your terminal into the ultimate development environment to make your work more efficient and fun. Whether you’re new to tmux or have been using it for years, the tmux Course has content to help you master this wonderful tool, so head on over to Upcase and get started.