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Upcase & Ruby Tapas

Joining forces to help you and your team ship faster in 2017.

The Perfect Pairing

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Long-form courses that dive deep on topics like TDD in Rails, RSpec best practices and Rails features you'd be better off avoiding.

Obsessed with developer productivity beyond code: courses on Vim, Git, and the Shell will have your coworkers asking "how'd you just do that?!"

Real-world advice from the experts at thoughtbot (authors of factory_girl, Bourbon, and paperclip).

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Shorter, bite-sized videos perfect for watching over lunch. These go deep into nitty-gritty Ruby features you'll wish you'd heard about sooner.

Highlights parts of the Ruby standard library that will have you deleting your home-grown code left and right.

Special guest appearances from luminaries like James Edward Gray II, Peter Cooper, and Pat Shaughnessy.

Ben & Avdi

Meet the founders

Bens face

Ben Orenstein

Ben is a thoughtbotter, conference speaker, Vim evangelist, and host of Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast.

Lately, he's into strong type systems and even stronger coffee.

Avdis face

Avdi Grimm

Avdi is a 15 year Ruby veteran and a recipient of the Ruby Hero award.

As head chef at RubyTapas, he has taught advanced Ruby and OO design skills to over 6,000 developers over the past 5 years.


"thoughtbot provided the top-notch Ruby and Rails experience we needed to help drive major improvements to Code Climate. With Upcase, you can learn from some of the best in the business."

Face  michael
Bryan Helmkamp, Founder/CEO of Code Climate
Ruby Tapas

"When a new RubyTapas arrives, I'm smarter before I finish my morning coffee."

Face  sandi
Sandi Metz, Author of POODR

Level up your Ruby game in 2017

Two great options, built for your budget.

Tier 1

  • 1 year of Upcase normally $290
  • 1 year of Ruby Tapas normally $349

Tier 2

  • 1 year of Upcase normally $290
  • 1 year of Ruby Tapas normally $349
  • 1 copy of Confident Ruby normally $55
  • 1 copy of Ruby Science normally $30
  • 1 ticket to a 60-minute, live, "ask us anything" hosted by Ben and Avdi
  • 1 60-minute video of Ben and Avdi pairing on a programming challenge

Want to purchase for your team?

Knowledge is even more valuable when your teammates get it too. Having a shared vocabulary and tactics library can make good teams into great ones.

Check out packages for teams

Frequently asked questions

Q: If I purchase this offer, when will I get access to the content?

A: As soon as we can get it to you via semi-manual fulfillment (so, not instantly).

Q: Can I take advantage of this if I'm a current customer of Tapas, Upcase, or both?

A: Absolutely.

Q: What happens to my existing Upcase/Tapas subscription? What about my grandfathered plan? What about this weird edge case that I thought of because I'm a programmer?

A: We'll take care of you in a fair and reasonable manner. The most likely answer is that we'll credit your account, but not refund you cash. If you're not happy with what we come up with, we'll happily refund you.

Q: What is the minimum size to be considered a "team"?

A: Two humans.

Q: What happens after the year is up?

A: Before your subscriptions lapse, we'll email you an offer to renew them (likely at a different price, but we'll give you a heads up).

Q: Can I pay monthly, or in installments?

A: Sorry, no. The up-front payment is why we're able to offer such a steep discount.

Q: Can I pay using a purchase order?

A: Yes, but only if your order total is above $10,000.

Q: What if I'm not happy with what I buy?

A: Just contact us within 10 days and we'll give you a full refund.

Q: Which RubyTapas plan am I getting access to?

A: The best one: the "Ravenous" plan. (Upcase only has one plan.)

Q: Can I download RubyTapas and Upcase content for offline viewing?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I have a further discount given that I'm a non-profit/student/etc.?

A: Sorry, not this time.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Email us!