Embracing Open Source: thoughtbot's Journey and Commitment

At thoughtbot, we are excited to share a new chapter in our ongoing commitment to open source software. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our dedicated Open Source page on our website. This page showcases the projects we’ve created and contributed to, highlighting our deep-rooted belief in accessible collaboration and sustainable innovation.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into our history with open source, the rationale behind the dedicated page, and the product decisions that went into its design.

Our Open Source DNA

At thoughtbot, we embrace the profound impact of open source contributions on our company culture.

We allocate dedicated Investment time each Friday, where our team members have the freedom to contribute to open source projects. This self-directed time allows us to invest in personal and professional growth while making a meaningful impact on the wider developer community.

Through our commitment to open source and investment time, we drive innovation and continuous improvement of our expertise, aligning perfectly with one of our core values: a dedication constantly be refining and enhancing our skills, processes, and offerings.

By actively participating in the open source community, we foster global cooperation, promote accountability through code transparency, and facilitate skills development.

The Importance of a Dedicated Open Source Page

Creating a dedicated Open Source page on our website was a natural progression for us. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to open source and provides a centralized platform to showcase our involvement in this thriving ecosystem.

This page enables us to share the projects we have created and contributed to, making it easier for fellow developers, enthusiasts, and potential collaborators to explore our work. By establishing a dedicated space for open source, we emphasize its significance in shaping our company’s identity and our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Structure of the Page

Our Open Source page is divided into two distinct sections, each serving a unique purpose and reflecting different aspects of our involvement in the open source community.

Projects We Maintain

The first section focuses on the projects we maintain. These are the initiatives where we have full ownership and autonomy. By organizing these projects separately, we aim to draw attention to the patterns and insights we see across all our client’s projects. This knowledge empowers us to identify solutions that have the potential to solve not only our challenges but also those faced by others. We prioritize showcasing these projects as they exemplify our expertise, problem-solving abilities, and the value we bring to the community and our clients.

We have chosen to sort this section based on GitHub stars to offer an intuitive way of measuring popularity and relevance. We ensure maximum visibility within professional communities by hosting our repositories on GitHub. The star count provides a rough gauge of the projects’ popularity, enabling visitors to identify the ones that resonate with the broader developer community.

Projects We Contribute To

The second section highlights the projects we contribute to. This section showcases our active involvement in supporting and improving tools that others use. We don’t simply work around bugs; we dive into reporting and fixing them. By participating in projects beyond our immediate control, we demonstrate our commitment to collaboration and our dedication to enhancing the broader open source ecosystem.

To emphasize the breadth of our knowledge and the variety of programming languages we engage with, we have grouped this section by programming language before sorting the projects by GitHub stars. This approach allows us to showcase the diverse set of technologies we are proficient in, offering visitors a glimpse into the depth and range of our expertise and services.


Our new Open Source page represents thoughtbot’s continued dedication to accessible collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. By creating this centralized platform, we invite developers, enthusiasts, and potential collaborators to explore our open source projects and witness the value we bring to the community.

We believe that by actively participating in the open source ecosystem, we not only strengthen ourselves but also contribute to the progress and advancement of the global technology industry. We are excited to share our journey with you and look forward to continued collaboration and growth in the open source world.

Visit our Open Source page and discover the projects that inspire, empower, and drive us toward a future of shared knowledge and continuous innovation.