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Nothing beats in-person communication

Tools like Slack, GitHub, and Trello have made remote work much easier over the years, and we work remotely every day within thoughtbot across offices.

Remote consulting work is possible, but raises the degree of difficulty. One of the few requirements of Extreme Programming is that the customer is always available.

Ideally, that means face-to-face, on-site. We've set up our offices so that our clients work at the same cluster of desks as our teams. Nothing beats in-person communication.

An ideal consulting project for us is one where a member of the client team is willing to work at our office Monday-Thursday for the duration of the project. Failing that, we want to find out during the sales process how available they will be on Slack, GitHub, and Trello.

If it seems like they won't be available very often, we should seriously consider declining the project.

Our experienced designers & developers can help.

In-person small dedicated teams, focused sprints, 16 years, and 700+ successful clients.

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