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Native matters on mobile devices

Our mobile developers' expertise is with the Objective-C, and more recently Swift, programming languages and iOS frameworks such as Cocoa.

We don't take on Titanium or PhoneGap projects because of:

  • Cost: it is a costly burden on our designers to try to design for the iOS and Android platforms at the same time. The differences in screen sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios, and expected user interface patterns require different design solutions.
  • Early access to upgrades: Apple's NDA forces 3rd party apps like Titanium to wait until new iOS versions are released to the public before they can code against them. Working the way Apple recommends, we get access to new versions months early. We can use new features earlier to make the app feel more modern. We can use the new ways of doing things to save lines of code and time.
  • Quality: Appcelerator, like past cross-platform technologies such as Adobe Air or Adobe Flash, provide a least-common denominator user experience. They may or may not be compiled to "native" code but they rarely achieve a "native" feel.

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