New online workshop: How to stay agile when building compliant health tech products

New health technologies have the opportunity to significantly improve our quality and length of life. Yet, the industry has more obstacles to building and launching solutions than any other. Health tech leaders working to solve high urgency problems can find themselves in a slow-moving, complex and highly regulated industry, seeing their innovation and rapid cycles of digital product innovation slowed to a molasses speed.

Over the last 16 years, we’ve worked with companies like Merck, Healthify, Careport, Iora Health and many more who, despite these obstacles, have built high-value, sustainable health tech products and businesses. Learning from our experience of working with health tech partners, we have developed processes to build compliant products while maintaining agile development cycles.

Design Sprint identifying user pain points

We are hosting an online workshop for anyone interested in rebuilding our healthcare system and improving patient outcomes. During this workshop, we’ll dive into some of thoughtbot’s best practices for digital product development and the unique challenges and considerations for these processes when compliance and privacy concerns are involved.

During the workshop we’ll cover:

  • Tools and techniques for building successful products
  • Working with patient data
  • Progressing features
  • Team and collaboration considerations

This workshop will be hosted by Steph Viccari, Senior Developer at thoughtbot and co-host of the award-winning development podcast The Bike Shed. At thoughtbot, Steph has worked with a wide variety of clients including a number of extensive health tech projects with unique data constraints.

Join us to hear about how we stay agile when building compliant health tech products at thoughtbot:

December 10th at 2pm EST