Next online event: How to turn 2020 learnings into 2021 product strategy

This year has thrown more than a few wrenches in business plans and product roadmaps (not to mention, well, nearly every other aspect of human life). Can you think of a single company that didn’t have to make big unexpected changes, even if those changes were ultimately quite positive? The 2020 Year in Review is one for the history books.

As I’ve been talking with leaders at health tech companies through our online event series and podcast, I’ve been gleaning insights about the unique challenges and opportunities different sectors of healthcare have seen this year. I’m thrilled to share that next week I’ll be moderating a panel focused entirely on behind-the-scenes stories and lessons from 3 of this year’s most talked about healthcare startups.

Parsley Health is a new kind of healthcare service that integrates technology, nutrition, wellness and prevention into cutting-edge primary care. Parsley was founded in 2016, raised a Series A in 2018, and in 2020 launched new digital services on the tail of a $26M Series B.

From Parsley, we’ll be joined by Nicole Bocskocsky, VP Operations. Nicole heads up clinical operations as well as membership experience and revenue planning. Prior to joining Parsley Health, Nicole oversaw Clinical Operations at another healthcare startup rocketship, Oscar Health.

GoodRX also had a pretty good year, the prescription discounting solution went public this past September. The most downloaded medical app in the Apple and Google Play app stores, GoodRX added telehealth services, lab tests, and more in 2020. They also have a philanthropic arm, GoodRX helps.

From GoodRX, our panel will feature Engineering Director, Sarah Griffis. Sarah has a long history of building high output teams in organizations big and small across product, engineering and operations. Prior to this role, Sarah led engineering and technology at high growth fertility startup, Kindbody.

Early stage startup Kiira Health is revolutionizing the women’s telemedicine space and has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Med City News, and more. Kiira increases access to women’s health resources on university and college campuses while de-stigmatizing the conversation around women’s health issues for young people.

We look forward to hearing from Kiira CEO and Founder, Crystal Evuleocha, on the panel. Crystal is also the founder of FemHealthTech, a yearly healthcare conference centered around women’s health innovation and technology. This week she was highlighted in Forbes 30 under 30.

A few of the questions I’m looking forward to asking these folks include:

  • Did you launch a new product or initiative in reaction to COVID and quarantine (and how did that go)?
  • Has there been a fundamental shift in how users engage with health tech products?
  • How are regulation changes impacting health tech products?
  • Has this year improved for exacerbated healthcare accessibility and equity?
  • Its goal setting season, what should teams be prioritizing?

If you’re curious how other teams pivoted (or didn’t!) and how to apply 2020 learnings into successful new strategies, be sure to tune in. Learn more about what we’ll be discussing here. Be sure to submit your own questions.

Event details:

  • December 9
  • 3 - 4pm ET
  • Free from a Zoom near you