Work in our office for Rails Rumble 2008

Chad Pytel

Rails Rumble 2008 takes place the weekend of October 18th and 19th. We’re happy to sponsor the Rails Rumble Championship Belt for the second year in a row (see last year’s belt).

We’re also offering up our entire office for use that weekend by any Rails Rumble teams in the Boston area who want a group space to collaborate and work in. For more information (including some pictures of our office) visit the Rails Rumble Workshare page, and if you want to reserve space, email me. In addition to space to work, we’ll be providing drinks and snacks throughout the competition.

Quite a few other companies around the country are also offering up space, so even if you’re not in the Boston area, there might be something out there for you.

Several thoughtbot team members will be competing in this year, and working from the office. So, it should be a great time.

When the winner’s of last year’s Rails Rumble were announced, the winner, Tasty Planner really caught our eye. We immediately contacted the designer, Kevin Burg, and asked him what he was up to and whether he was interested in interviewing for the design position we had open. Things came together pretty quickly after that, Kevin is an excellent designer and we knew he’d be a great fit for our team. We’ll be keeping our eye on the winners of this year competition too. Good luck to all.