Let's Get Ready To RUMMMMBLE!

Prem Sichanugrist

Are you ready to go from idea to execution with a working Rails web app in just 48 hours?


We will be opening up some of our offices during the [Rails Rumble]Rails Rumble competition hours between October 19 - 20, 2013. Several thoughtbotters are participating in the event, and you’re welcomed to join and work from our offices during that time. We’ll stock our fridge with tasty beverages and provide you with working wifi all day long.

If you’re in Boston, our office is at 41 Winter Street, 7th floor, near Park St and Downtown Crossing T stop. You should be able to get in and up onto 7th floor. If not, ping us at @thoughtbot and someone will come down and let you in.

If you’re in San Francisco, our office is at 85 2nd St, Suite 700, near Montgomery station. Tell the security that you’re coming to thoughtbot office, then ride the elevator up to 7th floor. Our entrance will be on your right.

Our offices will open at 9 AM on each day. Since the space in our offices are limited, be sure to tweet us at @thoughtbot to tell us that you’re coming. We’ll update this blog post and tweet out if any of the spaces are fully occupied. In that case, you’ll still be welcome to stop by, but we may not have a space for you to work.

See you on October 19th!