Rails Rumble 2008 Entries

As we’ve hinted at in a few of our recent posts, we participated in this year’s Rails Rumble. Three teams had thoughtbot team members on them, and we had another team working in our office. Since voting has now started, we encourage you to sign up to vote and check out all the apps.

Wheres the Milk At?

A site that helps you find the cheapest place to buy groceries near you, based on your past buying habits.



Pulls in tweets & tubes based on search terms defined in channels.



Dead simple blogging that sits nicely between micro-blogging and full blogging.


We weren’t just participants in the Rails Rumble though, we’re also a sponsor, and we offered up our Boston office for any developers in Boston to use for the weekend. We provided food and drink throughout the weekend, and by the end had thoroughly abused the office to the point of desperately needing our cleaners to come. Both the Wheres the Milk At team and the Petticoat team worked in the office, and so did the Flockup.com team.


Groups for twitter.


Over the course of the weekend we consumed lots of donuts, bagels, pizzas, Chinese food, and more than a dozen hits of cocaine.

We’d really appreciate you checking out all these apps and voting in the Rails Rumble.