thoughtbot Named One of Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work in New York City

We are proud to announce that thoughtbot has been named one of Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work in New York City for 2019.

I could use this blog post to talk about what we do, but I would instead like to take this moment to talk about why we do.

thoughtbot is a product design and software development consultancy. Of course we enjoy designing products, building and launching them, but even more, thoughtbotters come to work because we want to make things better. Understanding that our clients succeed when we are able to do our best work, we maintain an inclusive environment where we can thrive professionally and personally. We collaborate to improve our working environment for ourselves and our colleagues. We maintain a sustainable pace of productivity and full lives outside of work.

When we find a new software solution that could work for other people, we turn it into an open source repository. When we have a story to tell or advice, we publish that information on our company blog or talk about it on one of our weekly company podcasts. When we see a common skills gap, we produce free educational content and resources for entrepreneurs.

It is this spirit of generosity that creates meaning in our work and keeps us going. We exist because we hold fast to these values. We believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to find it and share it with as many people as possible.

We have been around for 16 years and continue to lead the way in best practices across the industry. This award has been granted to our New York studio, and we carry this same spirit in Austin, Boston, Durham, London and San Francisco. We couldn’t be more proud to accept this recognition.

Our company employs a lot of intelligent and passionate professionals, but our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. If you are interested in joining us, our open roles can be found at