This Week in Open Source

Sara Jackson

Ah, do you smell that? It smells like a reasonable amount of updates to read in one sitting. It might have something to do with the period containing only two weeks.

Below are updates to thoughtbot’s open source projects between January 5th and January 19th 2024.


Administrate is a framework for creating flexible, powerful admin dashboards in Rails.

Nick Charlton (nickcharlton) switched to the Sentry Ruby & Rails gems (cf4d53d), removed CircleCI, since Administrate is now using Github Actions (7d52893), and released v0.20.0 🎉 (2d667c1).

Trevor (trevorrjohn) added yield to creating resources if a block if is given (cd3cb72).

dependabot[bot] bumped the faker version (ab43de2).

Patricio Mac Adden (patriciomacadden) added functionality for grouping fields (new, edit and show) (6e03eb5).

Maciek Dubiński (maciek-rr) made an update to use a dedicated ActiveSupport::Deprecation instance (0b740c4).


Clearance offers Rails authentication with email & password.

Sara Jackson (sej3506) released version 2.6.2 🎉 (7d02233).

Design Sprint Guide

The Design Sprint Guide is a static website built using Eleventy.

Josh Clayton (joshuaclayton) fixed the path to ‘Critical Path’ exercise (9168fdb).

thoughtbot design system

thoughtbot design system (tbds) is the design system for thoughtbot websites.

dependabot[bot] bumped sass version (4055aba).


factory_bot is a library for setting up Ruby objects as test data.

Matt Brictson (mattbrictson) fixed a broken link on ref/modify.html page in the docs (0521d91).


Flightdeck provides Terraform modules for rapidly building production-grade Kubernetes clusters following SRE practices.

Eric Milford (emilford) converted jmesPath object_alias to objectAlias (85fe64f).


GoldMiner is a tool for finding interesting messages in a Slack channel and turning them into a blog post for the thoughtbot blog.

Matheus Richard (MatheusRich) fixed his author link (2bb278b), fixed blog post tags (d5cceb1), and changed author to thoughtbot for blog posts (1de936d).


Humid is a lightweight wrapper around mini_racer used to generate Server Side Rendered (SSR) pages from your js-bundling builds.

Johny Ho (jho406) updated supported ruby and rails versions (64308eb).


Paperback is a tool to standardize and streamline eBook production.

Pat Brisbin (pbrisbin) added support for building on Linux (01e3bdc).

Shoulda Matchers

Shoulda Matchers provides simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality.

Matheus Sales (matsales28) added query_constraints modifier to AssociationMatcher (dde9883), and released version 6.1.0 🎉 (cff5263).

Amalrik Maia (amalrik) updated the library to work with globally enabled frozen-string-literals (367500d).

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