This Week in Open Source

Hello, coming to you from the PAST, we have thoughtbot open source updates ranging from January 19 (last post) and February 2nd. Two weeks of back-dated updates that will make you feel like it’s still Q1!

We saw updates to the following projects (with handy links to jump to their section)


dependabot[bot] bumped the versions of shoulda-matchers (a9c345a), ‘selenium-webdriver’ (f8a6996), and capybara (b589a14)

Nick Charlton (nickcharlton) added a fix for build-changelog when there’s no template changes (47cec12), released v0.20.1 🎉 (aa92381), and enabled the running workflows from forks (961ad82).

Kei Sato (JohnnyKei) fixed a missing Administrate::VERSION reference (b853f11).

Svenja Schäfer (slickepinne) fixed a path in the documentation (17b2eeb).


CapybaraAccessibilityAudit is a tool to extend your Capybara-powered System Tests to automatically audit the page for WCAG Stardards-based accessibility violations.

Joe Thor (EpicureanHeron) fixed a misspelling and added a link to WCAG Standards in the README (658752f).

thoughtbot design system

thoughtbot design system (tbds) is the design system for thoughtbot websites.

dependabot[bot] bumped the version of sass (b14f146).


factory_bot is a library for setting up Ruby objects as test data.

Mike Burns (mike-burns) released version 6.4.6 🎉 (377d699).

Earlopain increased the minimum required Ruby version to 3.0 (6ed466f).

Anton Dieterle (adie) fixed the linting-factories link in ref/ (2f2bfc9).


Flightdeck provides Terraform modules for rapidly building production-grade Kubernetes clusters following SRE practices.

Mina Slater (minaslater) updateed the k8s version in the README example (dca9d18).

Eric Milford (emilford) fixed a bug by updating jmesPath so it converts from object_alias to objectAlias (176d455).

Clarissa Lima Borges (clarissalimab) added prometheusrules to resources that can be managed by deploy crd Kubernetes role (0ea82cf).

All I can think of now is “Promethus RULES!” and someone doing a skateboard trick. 🛹


GoldMiner is a tool for finding interesting messages in a Slack channel and turning them into a blog post for the thoughtbot blog.

Matheus Richard (MatheusRich) updated the blog post template to use thoughtbot as the author (1de936d) and added the thoughtbot logo to the README (4efabda).

dependabot[bot] bumped the versions of slack-ruby-client (1748edc) and async (05c39db).


thoughtbot’s Guides for working together, getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.

Nick Charlton (nickcharlton) and Luke Mitchell (LkeMitchll) refreshed the Scss sample (b799bb8).


Humid is a lightweight wrapper around mini_racer used to generate Server Side Rendered (SSR) pages from your js-bundling builds.

Johny Ho (jho406) updated the README to include an example for an html_safe call (2601363).

Shoulda Matchers

Shoulda Matchers provides simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality.

Matheus Sales (matsales28) added a new feature of a query_constraints modifier to AssociationMatcher (dde9883) and released version 6.1.0 🎉 (cff5263).

thoughtbot stylelint Config

thoughtbot stylelint Config is a sharable stylelint configuration that enforces thoughtbot’s Sass guides.

Nick Charlton (nickcharlton) upgraded Node to v20.11.0 (b086595), fixed a link to Sass guides (5768ced), fixed the thoughtbot README logo (e751c72), and removed the configuration for Atom editor (9dddbb1).

Nick also removed deprecated rules, and added checks for future deprecated rules (9710d53), linted the JavaScript with eslint/prettier (c82a861) and upgraded Stylelint (f94b86e).

Nick and Luke Mitchell (LkeMitchll) added a workflow that will test against a sample (abd1f45)


Upcase is a Rails application deployed to Heroku designed to help sharpen your programming skills.

dependabot[bot] bumped the versions of omniauth (5946ff8), globalid (2ec92479b7), and puma (f9d84a4).

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