This Week in Open Source (January 5, 2024)

Welcome to two weeks in open source from some time other than the present! This edition covers the time between the last post (December 22, 2023) and January 5, 2024.

A lot of our projects are getting renewed dedication this year and we love to see it! Thank you to all our contributors!


Administrate is a framework for creating flexible, powerful admin dashboards in Rails.

Nick Charlton (nickcharlton) added testing against Ruby 3.3 (024296f).

dependabot[bot] bumped the versions of shoulda-matchers (6e0affd), factory_bot_rails (7ceedb4), and, in a GitHub workflow, github/codeql-action (73cfec3).

Sarah Lima (sarahraqueld) fixed the bundle audit workflow (412b06e).


Clearance offers Rails authentication with email & password.

Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) fixed typos in the Clearance::Token docs (630f175).

thoughtbot design system

thoughtbot design system (tbds) is the design system for thoughtbot websites.

dependabot[bot] bumped the version of sass (543436d).


factory_bot is a library for setting up Ruby objects as test data.

Mike Burns (mike-burns) stopped passing disable-error_highlight in the workflow (524f694), relaxed the exception message check (0c46150), made a minor formatting change (0d9afde), updated the changelog (890761c), and bumped versions to 6.4.3, 6.4.4, and 6.4.5 🎉 (138ae7d), (d2ecad6), (087eff1).
He also backed Bundler down to 2.3 (9f8bc0b), re-added Rails 7.1 support (3289647), dropped EOL Ruby and Rails versions (211c088), and set minimum Ruby version to 3.0 and cleaned up conditionals based on prior Ruby versions (36bd065).

Oleg Antonyan (olegantonyan) added observer as an explicit dependency to fix a Ruby 3.3 deprecation warning (adc4857).

Earlopain removed the use of observer entirely (ac91aeb).

Lorenzo Zabot (Uaitt) bumped the version of actions/checkout (ee1620f).

Olivier Bellone (olivier-thatch) added Rails 7.1 to CI (c61315a).


factory_bot_rails provides Rails integration for factory_bot.

Mike Burns (mike-burns) added clarity about supported Rails and Ruby versions (499635f), removed code path for Rails 5.2 support (c4638f6), added back support for primary key attributes (removed in #419) (7be631f), and cut release 6.4.3 🎉 (6b350d1).

dependabot[bot] bumped the versions of standard (43bba38), rake (64a2188), activerecord (ea1ff34), appraisal (4f13aa8), and rspec-rails (d7d5ae8).

Yudai Takada (ydah) added dependabot for GitHub Actions and bundler (db1aae5).

Tilo Sloboda (tilo) added the changelog file path to the gemspec metadata (02e025f).

Lorenzo Zabot (Uaitt) bumped the version of actions/checkout (55df8c4).

obregonia1 fixed some wording the README (6167a05).


Flightdeck provides Terraform modules for rapidly building production-grade Kubernetes clusters following SRE practices.

dependabot[bot] bumped actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4 (cd27375).

Joe Ferris (jferris) added documentation for the acceptance workflow (7889d18).


GoldMiner is a tool for finding interesting messages in a Slack channel and turning them into a blog post for the thoughtbot blog.

dependabot[bot] bumped the version of standard (2ed31f1).

Shoulda Matchers

Shoulda Matchers provides simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality.

Matheus Sales (matsales28) added issue templates for bugs and feature requests (4475181), fixed some README typos (4de31c5), adjusted the negative form of ValidateNumericalityMatcher (d611911), and released version 6.0.0 🎉 (4cfa6e7).

theforestvn88 added have_encrypt_attribute_matcher to test usage of the encrypts macro (2a2b062).

Pedro Paiva (VSPPedro) updated the CHANGELOG (6362b21), bumped the version of rubocop (814468c), updated ruby from 3.3.0-rc1 to 3.3.0 (85746b1), and fixed the broken REPRODUCTION_SCRIPT link (b8d04ee).

jarenas9539 removed array_column? from validate_absence_of_matcher (6d33146).

Matheus Dutra Lima (Kutomore) and Amalrik Maia (amalrik) added failure_message_when_negated to HaveSecurePasswordMatcher (a373661).


Superglue is a tool that helps you use classic Rails to build rich React Redux applications with NO APIs and NO client-side routing.

Johny Ho (jho406) bump the version to 0.53.1 🎉 (2a06da9).


Yuri-ita is a powerful set of tools to build expressive user interfaces for filtering, searching, and sorting data in Ruby on Rails.

Olivier (olimart) fixed a typo in the getting started guide (3110602).

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