Seeking Product Managers who love launching NEW products and NEW product teams.

I’m excited to announce that thoughtbot is actively growing our 6 person Product Management Team. We currently have two open positions: one for Product Manager, and another for Director of Product Management.

We’re looking for people who love launching NEW web and mobile products into the marketplace, building a solid foundation that can scale, onboarding an outstanding product team, and striving to help our clients become self-sufficient. Our ideal candidates will have demonstrated high-level skills in business strategy, customer experience strategy, user and market research, communication, facilitation, organizational strategy, team management, training, and project management.

In this role we will look for people who:

Love facilitating fun and engaging Design Sprints remotely

You know how to take the vision of a founder, entrepreneur, or product owner, pull out the most critical features of their product idea, validate those ideas, and create an initial product roadmap that is both aligned to business goals and achievable within budget and logistical constraints.

Love leading interdisciplinary teams of talent

You will be co-leading the product strategy effort with a lead designer, and lead engineer to build an outstanding startup team to launch a first version product. You understand best practices for agile design and development, how to build an initial product roadmap, and manage effective product team progress and engagement.

Love successfully launching new products to market

You have experience with best practices and process around Go-to-Market strategies and how to put together a successful implementation plan

Love striving to make product teams outstanding

You have fine tuned and improved your iterative agile practices for building a first version product that empowers your team to be effective and fulfilled on a project.

Love sharing and teaching best practices

You love to share your knowledge and processes with others and empower them to build their own skill sets within the team or throughout the organization.

We encourage candidates from all backgrounds and locations in North America and South America to apply. Check out the following roles and apply today!