Join thoughtbot as our Marketing Director

Chad Pytel

We’re looking for a Marketing Director to join our team in either Boston or New York City to lead our marketing efforts. If you or someone you know are interested in this position, please get in touch.

We believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to find it and share it with as many people as possible. As our Marketing Director you will be an important part of helping pursue our purpose.

We work with organizations of all sizes, to create, launch, improve, and scale products that people love to use. We have studios in San Francisco, Austin, Boston, New York, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., and London, where we work locally with our customers and the communities to which we belong.

The Opportunity

In this position, you’ll report directly to the CEO, and work with people all over thoughtbot. You will be responsible for the thoughtbot website, social media presence, brand, online marketing, and more. You’ll provide on the ground marketing efforts for the Boston or NYC studio (whichever one in which you’re based), and have the opportunity to create a marketing team and structure that will work to expand the global reach of thoughtbot, while supporting and empowering the local studios.

This blog gets ~2M uniques a year, our Twitter account has 47,000 followers, and our Playbook is widely read and shared. Our podcasts receive ~20,000 listens each week.

Overall, our brand is well-recognized and well-respected, but we believe we can always improve. Here are some of the improvements we think you could make:

  • We have historically relied on individual designers and developers as the foundation of our marketing. Our team members actively speak, write, podcast, mentor, teach, open source, and organize events in all 7 of our markets. But, as working designers and developers, our client-centric focus prevents us from fully capitalizing on our efforts. We need a leader who can ensure we plan, execute, follow-through, and promote our work.
  • Our consulting is based upon the premise of local teams, working with local clients. While we want an organization where the individual studios are bound together by a common purpose and values, the individual cities may differ in their growth stages, or their client-base. As Marketing Director you will build a support system that reflects this reality, and enables our local teams to reach ideal local customers.
  • Our clients hire us for two main jobs to be done: 1) Going from concept to launch of a new product, and 2) Helping rewrite, improve, or scale existing products. These are different jobs, and different customers. This creates tension in our positioning. We believe we need to improve our positioning, and improve our marketing so that we’re talking more about what we enable our clients to achieve, rather than ourselves.


We’re looking for you to have a proven track record of success in relevant Marketing positions and experience that includes leading a team. Your track record should include crafting strategy and executing tactics. You should have previously worked effectively with a distributed organization. You should have a passion for software, customer success, continuous improvement and are attentive to detail, with excellent written communications skills.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity and a match for your experience, get in touch.