Say 'hello' to our newest team members

Chad Pytel

We’ve been super busy lately - so we knew the time was ripe to bring a few more people onto the team.

We’re very fortunate to have found three excellent new people to add to the team, two new designers and a developer: Kyle Fiedler, Chad Mazzola, and Harold Giménez.

Adding two designers doubled the size of the design team and really increased our ability to get stuff done there. It’s been fun integrating them into the team.

Harold’s first day is today, and we’re really excited for him to get started.

We’re still actively hiring developers and interns. If you’re interested, please get in touch, instructions and more info are on ourjobs page.

On a personal note, some of you may know that 3 years ago I moved from Boston to Philly. While we’ve managed the maintain the long distance relationship, its with great enthusiasm that I’ll be moving back to Boston on May 1st.

Also, Nick Quaranto will be graduating and joining us full time in Boston in June.

It’s an exciting time of transitions and new additions for the team, and we’re definitely looking forward to the future.