An Addition to the Team: Introducing Jason

We’re happy to announce that a few weeks ago, we had Jason Martinez join the thoughtbot team as Lead Designer.

At thoughtbot, we’ve always been very opinionated, and our standards have been very high for user interface design, as well as the quality of our CSS and HTML markup. Matt, myself, and the rest of the team, along with our partners have been able to deliver excellent results. However, as we continue to grow and focus on the precise set of services that we will deliver, it became clear that we would need to bring a new member of the team on whose entire role here would be to lead the UI portion of our projects, and be able to focus on maintaining the quality and standards that we insist upon. I’m happy to say that we’ve found that person in Jason.

For the readers of this blog, Jason will likely be filling out the design portion of our tagline that appears above. For our current customers, you’ve likely already interacted with Jason, or soon will. And for our future customers, having Jason join the team is going to make the thoughtbot offering more complete, I hope you get the chance to find out.

As an aside, we’re currently starting the search for additional Ruby on Rails developers in Boston and New York City. If you’re interested, please let us know.