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Chad Pytel

Back in June, I mentioned that we were looking to hire both designers and developers. Hiring is tough, but we take our time, and don’t compromise to find the right people. And it pays off.

I’ll be speaking in detail about hiring Rails developers in my talk Succeeding at Rails at Lone Star Ruby Conference next week in Austin, TX.

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new members of thoughtbot:

Fred Yates

Fred joins Kevin as our second Graphical Designer. He got right to work on some client work and has been rocking it like nobody’s business. You may have noticed his first post here about the twitter redesign.

Tristan Dunn

Tristan is a well-rounded Rails developer who moved from Louisiana to Boston to join the team. He’s hit the ground running on several projects, and making a great impact already. He is slowly adjusting to Boston and has excellent support from Jared.

Josh Clayton

Josh is currently in the process of relocating from Michigan to Boston to join the team, and we’re happy to have him. Josh is one of the current maintainers of the Blueprint CSS framework, as well as a contributor to several other open source projects.

Welcome to the team, guys.

We’ve slowed down hiring somewhat now, as it takes a lot of attention to do well and with these people coming on board we’re doing all right. However, we’re always interested in talking to qualified people, so check out our jobs page for more information on how to apply if you’re interested.