Improving the Formkeep and Wistia Experience

Joel Oliveira

In addition to the other changes we’ve recently shipped for FormKeep we’ve also taken a look at how we interface with the video player provided by our friends at Wistia. Until recently the Wistia integration, using their Turnstile or Timeline Action features, had one unfortunate limitation. When your custom FormKeep form displayed in a video, submitting it would perform an entire request/response cycle - leaving your video progress behind in the digital ether. An example of how that normally looks:

Bummer, right?

After looking into what was possible with Wistia’s platform we found that we could create a plugin for their video player that does all that work in the background and, upon successful submission, resumes the video playblack. Not bad! Here’s how it would look after configuring our video with the necessary code:

If you’d like to get your form set up properly in a Wistia video we’ve provided some instructions in our guide to help you get things in shape.

Last but not least, much thanks to Wistia for their support and guidance! ❤