Rails in the Lone Star State

Chad Pytel


If you haven’t already heard, we’re going to be be both speaking and running a training session at the Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009, which runs from August 27-29 in Austin, TX.

Our training session is an enhanced version of our regular Ruby on Rails training session titled “Second Gear”, where we’ll be showing you how to increase the velocity of your Rails development through tools, process, testing, patterns, and refactoring.

My talk, “Succeeding with Rails” will be a little more business oriented. I’m going to step through the principals and strategies that have helped to make thoughtbot a successful Rails development firm, including Hiring, Client management, Design and Development practices, Consulting services, Marketing, Product development, and Open source development.

If you’re planning on going to LSRC, we’ll see you there. If you want to go, register.

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