See you at RailsConf

Chad Pytel

As in years past, the majority of thoughtbot will be at RailsConf this year. In addition to just attending, we’re lucky to be involved in 3 sessions:

  • Avoiding and Fixing Rails AntiPatterns I’ll be running (along with Tammer Saleh) a tutorial session on Monday. We’ll cover a variety of useful tips and practical advice from our in-progress Rails AntiPatterns book.
  • Building an API with Rails Joe Ferris will be on this panel session Tuesday along with representatives from Twitter, 37signals, Github, and the New York Times.
  • Lapidary: the Art of Gemcutting Nick Quaranto will be giving this talk Thursday, reviewing the past and future of Gemcutter and how it became the new central RubyGems host.

We hope you can attend these. And if you see us around, feel free to say hi. I’ll be the one wearing shin guards.