Getting Strong Now

Chad Pytel

We’re psyched to have been selected to give a 6 hour training session, thoughtbot’s Rails Best Practices at the Lone Star Ruby Conference, September 4-6, 2008 in Austin, TX.

Tammer, Jon, Jared, Dan, Matt, and myself will be the trainers. With 6 of us, there will be a lot of hands-on training, and we hope that you can attend.

Flying High Now

We’ve been exploring the idea of offering classes for some time now, and we’ve used LSRC as a kick in the pants to get it off the ground. So, I’m happy to announce that on October 14th, we’ll be running our first class, at our office in Boston, MA. The first session will be Advanced Ruby on Rails, and will focus on:

  • Rails Best Practices and AntiPatterns
  • Refactoring
  • Writing Plugins and Gems
  • Using components of Rails outside Rails
  • Test Driven Development

If you register before August 31st, you’ll receive $100 off the cost of registration. The session includes Breakfast and Lunch, a free copy of the book Pro Active Record, and your choice of one t-shirt from Tee-Bot.

We plan on offering sessions for Test Driven Development, Beginning Ruby on Rails, and more soon. If you are particularly interested in one of these future sessions, please let us know.