Rails in the Aloha State

![I Am Speaking At Aloha On Rails, The Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference][aloha]

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking with Tammer Saleh at Aloha on Rails on Ruby on Rails best practices.

You’re Doing It Wrong – Chad Pytel and Tammer Saleh As experienced Rails consultants, and authors of the upcoming Rails Antipatterns book, Chad Pytel and Tammer Saleh have seen their fair share of terrible code. They’ll discuss some common AntiPatterns they’ve seen in the wild, and will walk through the process of refactoring them to bring them in line with current best practices. They’ll be making use of the latest Rails 3.0 features to transform code from appalling to awesome. In addition, they will be looking at audience submitted code snippets, and giving live refactoring advice.

As part of the presentation, Tammer and I will be looking at the worst examples we can find of real world Rails code, and showing our beautifully refactored versions. So here’s your chance to show the world just how terrible your code can get, while getting some free refactoring advice as well!

To submit your articles of regret, upload your code as a gist, and fill out this form to submit it to us.

We will be using any code submitted in a very public fashion, so be sure to obfuscate any proprietary or personally embarrassing bits.

While we won’t discuss the applications the code comes from (unless you specifically give permission) we’re most interested in examples that have been used in real-world products.

If you’re interested in seeing not only our talk, but the other great talks as well, hurry up and sign up today.

The fine print: Any code submitted is done so with implicit permission to use that code in the presentation (duh), our materials, or even the upcoming Rails AntiPatterns book.