On The Go

UPDATE: our training service is now called Upcase.

Our next Ruby on Rails classes will be:

  • February 3rd-5th
  • April 7th-9th

Early bird discount for the February class ends tonight and for the April class ends in two months.


We’re proud to say we’ve trained over 100 developers from organizations such as Harvard University, The New York Times, Boston.com, Raytheon, and Mitre.

Heroku iPhone App

Via the generosity of Marshall Huss, we’re able to provide free Heroku iPhone apps to all students of the February and April classes.

The Nezumi app allows you to manage your Heroku apps “on the go”.

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For any app for which you’re an owner or collaborator, you can:

  • add or remove dynos and workers
  • check app and cron logs
  • drop into heroku console
  • restart the app



We have been giving our training presentations using Slidedown via a web browser. We now provide a nice interface at training.thoughtbot.com for our students to review these slides at their leisure:

new workshop page

We’ve also moved away from Eventbrite and towards our own custom registration:

register for training

We’ll continue to be building training offerings for technologies we use every day.

new training home page

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