Our office, your office

Dan Croak

We’ve trained 78 developers in Ruby on Rails in the past five months. The design of the classes have evolved such that Rails & agile are now highly coupled.

Working software delivered frequently

During last week’s two-day class, we ran 25 short workshops during which students wrote a blog, the web app developer’s rite of passage.

Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication


Each workshop was completed by pair programming. It was amazing to witness the buzz that filled our office as students talked through solutions with each together.

We also organized our office so the lectures were delivered to the group, seated in a circle, facing away from the pairing stations.

No checking email or other distractions. Lots of questions & discussions as we progressed.

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design

In Beginning Rails, we teach Ruby and Rails through Test-Driven Development. When students write their blog, every line of code is written test-first.

In Advanced Rails, we teach refactoring to Rails best practices patterns. We pick up where we left off in the Beginning Rails class. We test-drive new features to the blog, integrating version control with git and continuous integration into the development cycle.

For both classes, we send students on their way with the full source code to Umbrella Today? for reference.

Our office: March, April, May, & June

We have arrived at the logical conclusion that we teach best at our office. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce classes once at month at our Boston office:


Your office

If you can’t make it to our Boston office, we’ll go to your office. We just ask that you set up a similar pair programming environment.