Training Transmogrification

Matt Mongeau

thoughtbot held its first training over 2 years ago at the Lone Star Ruby conference in Austin, TX where participants worked on the Umbrella Today application and learned about thoughtbot’s best practices for Rails development.Using that material, we created our training sessions where hundreds of developers from around the world have gotten a chance to come to our office and learn about how we develop on a day to day basis.

As we were redesigning the thoughtbot training website to match our current site, we realized that our training courses were more like workshops.Our courses have always involved the development of some application and the experience has largely been hands-on.In order to reflect this we decided to rename thoughtbot training to thoughtbot workshops:

thoughtbot workshops

Our next workshop will be Test-Driven Rails on October 12th and 13th. The Test-Driven Rails course is a brand new course written from scratch for Rails 3 that will teach the fundamentals of test driven development. We are reviewing all of our previous courses and updating them for Rails 3. Stayed tuned for scheduled dates.