New Service - Mobile App Optimization

Our mobile team supports clients in every stage, from exploring if a mobile property can help a client grow their business, to bringing an MVP to life, or optimizing an existing app. Maintaining a mobile property, can’t be an afterthought, and having consideration for changing customer needs, design standards, and API levels are all aspects that should be considered on an ongoing basis. That being said, with the announcement that Google would be cracking down on outdated apps, it sparked an idea for a way we can help our clients.

Our new Mobile App Optimization service allows clients to bring in thoughtbot’s expertise to navigate three primary verticals: Design, Development and Product Strategy. Here is our focus for each track.

  1. Development Track - Update Android, iOS, or React Native dependencies, complete an audit of the codebase and provide recommendations addressing mobile best practices, tech debt and/or accessibility.
  2. Design Track - Review existing design and provide recommendations in line with Material Design Standards. The recommendations can include improved usability and accessibility optimizations as well.
  3. Product Strategy Track - Complete an App store review & analysis resulting in suggested updates for optimization. We can also complete some usability tests to confirm engagement with target customers and/or identify new features to consider.

When teams lack in-house mobile expertise, or are simply too strapped to be able to kick off a new initiative, bringing in thoughtbot allows you to ensure your strategy and standards exceed expectations. Take this opportunity to holistically look at your app, and make the smartest updates, not just the required updates to stay in the app store.

Learn more about our Mobile App Optimization project and send us a note to discuss further.