New online workshop: Practical applications of Jobs-to-be-Done for designing successful digital products

We’ve seen a lot of discussion around Jobs-to-be-Done theory, but a lot of that theory leaves room for many different ways to apply it. Jobs-to-be-Done can have a significant impact on your day-to-day product management, your team’s long-term planning, and how your team innovates in the future. Many people aren’t sure how to start to apply it to their projects.

Working through a Design Sprint using Jobs-to-be-Done research

After years of iterating on how we’ve used Jobs-to-be-Done, thoughtbot arrived at a core group of processes that help us design the right software for our clients. In the workshop, we’d like to share with you some of the ways that it impacts our work and helps us design successful products.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Review the central tenants to Jobs-to-be-Done theory.
  • Cover the different ways the theory impacts our research, design, and development work at thoughtbot.
  • Introduce Jobs-to-be-Done switch interviews and why they are helpful for our teams to deeply understand the Jobs that we’re improving.
  • Give an overview of how we conduct switch interviews to gain common understanding for the team.
  • Review the output of those interviews; how we track user’s pushes, pulls, anxieties, and habits in a Forces Diagram.
  • Talk about how Jobs-to-be-Done research impacts design during our sprints and for the life of the project in the form of a Jobs Statement.
  • Share why you should consider changing your user stories to Jobs Stories and some ways to go about it that will get buy-in from your entire team.

This workshop is best suited for Product Managers who have heard about Jobs-to-be-Done but don’t know where to start. It will help those Product Managers lead a new digital transformation of their product, build more empathy and understanding of their users with their teams and identify the next feature set to build that solves their users Job-to-be-Done.

Join me to hear about the practical ways we use Jobs-to-be-Done theory at thoughtbot: