Design for the Web: Semantic Markup and Positioning

There are a few new chapters available today in our book Design for the Web.

We opened beta access with chapters on career advice in design disciplines, a look into color theory, and how to organize your app visually. The new chapter on Writing Semantic Markup dives into the technical side, covering how to harness HTML5 elements to make your code more readable and improve your SEO. The chapter on positioning elements with CSS and includes some of our favorite tips and tricks and features an easy to understand section on flexbox layouts. They both feature lots of beautiful illustrations and code examples to show exactly how to implement the concepts.

Design for the Web is written for developers who want to improve their design skills and for designers who want to improve their craft. It includes practical design theory, plenty of code samples, and a lot of our advice on best practices.

Like our other beta books, this is a work in progress. You may find errors, but you’ll also be able to ask questions and help shape the book’s development. You’ll get a $10 discount on the final price, and regular updates as we write more chapters.

Want access to the beta? Check out the free sample, and enjoy a 25% discount from the full price of the book.