Announcing Design for the Web

Joshua Ogle

We are excited to announce that the book Design for the Web is ready for public beta.

This book is ideal for anyone wanting to get the right start in design. We will mix art theory with user interface examples and real-world code, so you get a full understanding of what it means to design for the web. You will learn all the tools you need to craft a positive user experience, motivate your audience, and look good doing it.

This is an early-stage release, which means it is a work in progress. You will get access to the actual GitHub repository where we are working on the book. You will be able to ask questions, identify errors, and influence the book’s development. You’ll also get a $10 discount on the final price, and regular updates as we write more chapters.

To see the current Table of Contents, get a sample of the book, and buy access to the GitHub repository, please head over to