Announcing Maintaining Open Source Projects

Tute Costa

We are happy to announce the beta release of the book we’ve been working on: Maintaining Open Source Projects.

If you want to learn the soft skills needed to grow and maintain an open source project, this book is for you. Leading open source projects comes with non-technical responsibilities. A project maintainer should feel comfortable shaping the community, promoting the library, keeping good communication with different people, deciding when to release new versions, and prioritizing between all these tasks.

Software companies can benefit from the practices that open source teams have been doing well for years: thorough code reviews, forthright communication, and efficient collaboration. The best open source teams also have clear documentation, regular releases, and predictable versioning. This book explores all of the above, and if you are interested in incorporating these flows to your team this book is for you too.

This book itself is built following the very same practices it describes, just like most of our other projects.

Like our other beta books, this is a work in progress. You may find errors, but you’ll also be able to ask questions and help shape the book’s development. You’ll get a $10 discount on the final price, and regular updates as we write more chapters.

Download a free sample from the book, and if you like it you may buy the beta version at a 25% discount. Enjoy!