It's official - RSpec Training

Kelly Gebo

Here at thoughtbot, we’re so passionate about Test-Driven Development (TDD) that we wrote a book about it!. Now, don’t get me wrong: books are great for learning at your own pace. But we also know that the best learning can happen when you’re working directly with your teammates on real codebase problems.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce thoughtbot’s new service: customized RSpec Training.. Whether your team are RSpec newbies or testing pros, we’ll begin by assessing your Rails codebase and interviewing your team to identify standards, pain points, and improvement opportunities. We then translate these into a remote-training curriculum, tailored to your team and product’s needs.

RSpec Training Benefits

  • Shared language around testing
  • Growth mindset culture
  • Training Materials for future reference
  • Team confidence in implementing TDD
  • Improved velocity moving forward
  • Reduction of flaky tests
  • Decrease in introduced bugs or lagging response times

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our global networking client had to say:

thoughtbot’s trainers used our own code for the training. It was compelling to watch our engineers learning best-practice whilst improving our codebase in real-time. (full case study here)

Maybe you’re a rapid-growth start-up whose fast production fixes have introduced new bugs. Or perhaps you’ve got an established and complex product with loads of slow, low-quality tests. Whichever aspect of testing is causing you headaches, our expert trainers have the cure.

We deliver workshops in small group settings at a cadence that works for your team. We love feedback and gather a lot of it to fine-tune your training in real-time, maximizing the benefits for your team.

If you’re looking to improve your product and team in the short term and invest in your long-term success, then thoughtbot customized RSpec training is a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Find out how our customized RSpec Training can help your team today.

PS: We do more than just RSpec training. Our same approach to building the right training program would extend to other technologies and development principles, so if RSpec isn’t the right topic for your team, send us a note so we can discuss how we might help you tackle other challenges.